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I am working on the 100 icon ultimate challenge on The Dark Arts, and am up to 80 (go me!). You can see them under the cut. They include

- 10 Ballykissangel text icons
- 10 stock icons
- 10 Emma Watson/Burberry photoshoot icons
- 10 The Reader icons
- 10 Pan's Labyrinth icons
- 10 The Other Side of Heaven icons
- 10 Atonement icons
- 10 Heavenly Creatures icons

This way to the icons )

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Just me playing around with Gimp again. And also my first attempt at an 'LJ cut'. So to view icons, go on to...

the icons! )
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I've done three more Ballykissangel fan vids. The first one is "All I Need", a pretty standard Peter/Assumpta video.

The next one is "All She Ever Wanted". It tells the story of Jenny and Peter.

And the last one is "Immortality", a tribute to Brian Quigley.

One Love

Oct. 30th, 2007 12:52 pm
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I think this one's just lovely. It's supposed to be Assumpta speaking to Peter after she dies. Yes, I know the funeral scenes at the end aren't really from her funeral, but imagine that they are, okay? ;) The music is U2's One Love, with Mary J. Blige.
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This one's a fun little video highlighting Liam. Take a look, maybe you'll appreciate him in a whole new way!
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I really like this one. It's about Donal and Sue Ellen, and how he felt when she left him. I looked a long time for the right song. I thought a country song would be appropriate. This one's sung by country icon Kenny Rogers.
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I heard this song on an Oldies radio station a couple of weeks ago, and decided I had to make an appropriate Ballykissangel video to go along with it. Not enough P&A, I know! They should have followed the advice in the song!

"Don't Talk, Just Kiss"
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And here's my third Ballykissangel video. The subject is Siobhan and Brendan. The music is "Count On Me" by Babyface and sung by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans.
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I'm getting obsessive (nothing new there). Here my second Ballykissangel video. I love this one! It is so funny. Listen to the words. I don't like how YouTube automatically picks a scene as the icon for the video, because that's a terrible one with the back of the truck.

And yes, I am working on a new one. Need music first, though, and I don't have anything fitting in my CD collection.
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I've cut my first video! It's something of an experiment, just figuring out how the software works. The poor quality at the beginning is because I hadn't gotten the parameters for the DVD ripper software optimized yet, but I think the picture quality gets better after a bit. The music is the Beatles' "Something".


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