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So, when you're really bored, this is what you resort to. Stumbleupon. If you haven't heard of it, it's a toolbar you can add to your browser that will, over time, learn your tastes in surfing and be able to recommend pages that might interest you. It's picked a lot of good ones for me already, but here's my pick of the day:

Worldometers. "World statistics updated in real time."

Want to know how many cell phones have been sold today? (1,886,000+ as of this writing)

How many species have gone extinct this year? (132,127)

How many days are left until all the oil reserves in the world are depleted? (15,331 days = 42 years; luckily, I should be dead by then)

How many blog posts today? (337,298... +1)
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I have wanted to be able to rearrange the open program tabs in my taskbar for the longest time. Like, I always like to have my browser all the way on the left. This means I have to remember to open the browser first, because Windows arranges the tabs in the order the programs are opened. But if the browser crashes and I have to re-open it, then it ends up to the right of everything else, and I either have to close everything and start over, or deal with the wrong order (which means I keep clicking in the wrong place to switch to different windows).

I thought there is probably a way to do it, but I just wasn't clever enough to figure it out. So finally today, frustrated by once again having my browser tab in the wrong place, I googled it, and it appears there actually is not a way to do it within Windows itself, but if you download this nifty application called Taskbar Shuffle, you can do exactly that and more.

It's super easy to install and fun to mess with!

(Credit to Online Tech Tips for directing me to the link.)
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I write like
J. K. Rowling

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I also write like Chuck Palahniuk and Mary Shelley, Dan Brown, and Kurt Vonnegut.

And apparently Edgar Allen Poe writes in German.

When [ profile] inverarity linked to this, I had to try it out. First I tried a couple of Harry Potter fan fics I've written. Funnily, they kept outputting 'J. K. Rowling'. Now, either that means I'm a pretty good mimic of her style, or words like 'Voldemort', 'Hogwarts', and 'Alohomora' were skewing the results.

So I tried a couple of my feeble attempts at original writing with very disparate results. The first one came up with Chuck Palahniuk (who I had to look up -- he started out as a journalist and has since written several novels that I've never heard of, except for Fight Club, but I've only heard of that because it was made into a movie (which I've never seen)).

Then I fed in three 20-page excerpts from an unfinished NaNoWriMo attempt I made back in 2005 or so. Each one came up with a different result (Mary Shelley, Dan Brown, and Kurt Vonnegut). Hey, at least I've heard of them. Not that they have similar styles or anything.

Then, just for kicks, I put in 14 pages of a German story I once started. I got Edgar Allen Poe.

Ah, the things we'll do to waste time.
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*snorts* There was a challenge over on The Dark Arts to manip two people together to show what their offspring would look like. Like Dumbledore/Trelawney or Voldemort/Frodo. o_O I didn't take part in this one, but there are some gems. Go take a look, they are so scary!
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Two cool websites for wasting time and creating graphics:

1. Create your own newspaper clippings.


2. Create your own Dummies book cover.


Hours (or at least minutes) of fun and yuks.
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PG warning for language. Thanks to Marie and Tim for sending this.
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Think of a word that rhymes with 'Wikipedia'

Make sure your sense of humour is screwed on before entering.
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A friend sent this to me, I thought it was hilarious. Think lolcats meets YouTube with a touch of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


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