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I've created a playlist on YouTube of my favorite fanmade videos based on the BBC series Sherlock. Funny, romantic, action-packed, dark, character studies, crack ... there's a little of everything. I will be adding to it as time goes on so check back once in a while.

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I've put subtitles onto the Sherlock series 3 Christmas mini-episode, Many Happy Returns. I am indebted to [ profile] arianedevere for her transcript, and [ profile] chamekke for help with theTibetanat the beginning.

Also, screencaps by [ profile] pineapple_sky can be found here.

Edit: As of 15 January 2014, this video has been blocked by YouTube because of copyright claims by the BBC. It looks like they've shut down all of the videos posted of the Christmas mini-episode. I've put it up on Videobam here instead:
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I've done three more Ballykissangel fan vids. The first one is "All I Need", a pretty standard Peter/Assumpta video.

The next one is "All She Ever Wanted". It tells the story of Jenny and Peter.

And the last one is "Immortality", a tribute to Brian Quigley.

One Love

Oct. 30th, 2007 12:52 pm
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I think this one's just lovely. It's supposed to be Assumpta speaking to Peter after she dies. Yes, I know the funeral scenes at the end aren't really from her funeral, but imagine that they are, okay? ;) The music is U2's One Love, with Mary J. Blige.
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This one's a fun little video highlighting Liam. Take a look, maybe you'll appreciate him in a whole new way!
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I really like this one. It's about Donal and Sue Ellen, and how he felt when she left him. I looked a long time for the right song. I thought a country song would be appropriate. This one's sung by country icon Kenny Rogers.
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I hesitate to post this. I really do. It was fun to do, but I'm sure some people are going to be offended or get the wrong idea about me. So watch this only if you're not going to be offended by obscenity, ethnic slurs, racism, scatolotical humour, or making fun of Ballykissangel. And if you don't like South Park in general, then really, for both of our sakes, don't watch this.
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I found it so frustrating that there was never a kiss between our two favorite lovers. That's what this video is about. Set to Alan Menken's and Howard Ashman's lovely song, "Kiss the Girl" (and not the sappy remix version either).
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I think this is probably the best of the three "serious" videos I've done so far. I love this song so much. The singer, John McDermott, has such a lovely Irish accent, and it is absolutely perfect for Kathleen and Dermot. I just wish the song were several verses longer. I could listen forever!

Once again, the icon that YouTube generated sucks, though.

Edit: I re-did one scene to get a new icon. I think I've figured out that YouTube just takes the frame from the exact middle of the video as an icon. So I'll have to make sure that my middle frame is a good one!
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I heard this song on an Oldies radio station a couple of weeks ago, and decided I had to make an appropriate Ballykissangel video to go along with it. Not enough P&A, I know! They should have followed the advice in the song!

"Don't Talk, Just Kiss"
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And here's my third Ballykissangel video. The subject is Siobhan and Brendan. The music is "Count On Me" by Babyface and sung by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans.
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I'm getting obsessive (nothing new there). Here my second Ballykissangel video. I love this one! It is so funny. Listen to the words. I don't like how YouTube automatically picks a scene as the icon for the video, because that's a terrible one with the back of the truck.

And yes, I am working on a new one. Need music first, though, and I don't have anything fitting in my CD collection.
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I've cut my first video! It's something of an experiment, just figuring out how the software works. The poor quality at the beginning is because I hadn't gotten the parameters for the DVD ripper software optimized yet, but I think the picture quality gets better after a bit. The music is the Beatles' "Something".


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