swissmarg: Mrs Hudson (Mrs Hudson)
2020-01-01 12:00 pm

Master List of My Fics and Recs

So I thought it was about time I made a Master List of my fan fiction. It's gotten to the point where there's stuff that I forgot I wrote! :p (Although most of it was probably pretty forgettable.) Anyway, for those looking for something special, ch-ch-ch-check out the Big List o' Fic after the cut!

NOTE: Some of the links here may be broken, since I imported this post from my LiveJournal. The fics are all here on this journal somewhere, though. Harry Potter fandom )
Sherlock (BBC) and Sherlock Holmes (ACD) fandoms )
Sherlock Recs )
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( AO3 Collections of Sherlock Holmes Bookmarks )

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