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2017-04-21 08:37 am
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My Tumblr Blogs

PSA I have FOUR (4) blogs on Tumblr in case anyone is interested:

swissmissing - My main, Sherlock, Johnlock, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, German, Switzerland, writing, reading, fan fiction, recs, moodboards, meta, humor, Mary is a villain

swissmissficrecs - Individual recs and themed rec lists of fan fiction, fan art and fan vids, Sherlock BBC, ACD/Granada, Johnlock, longfics

swissmissfanartfavs - Reblogs of fan art for Sherlock BBC and its actors, ACD/Granada, all ships (but slash heavy)

sherlocksvictoriansecret - Victoriana, homosexuality, erotica, and the Sherlock BBC special episode "The Abominable Bride"

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2015-11-22 09:42 am
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Rec list of long (100k+) Johnlock fics updated

In case anyone is looking for reading material for the Thanksgiving weekend in the US (or for any other reason) I've updated my list of long (100k+) BBC Sherlock Johnlock fics with several stories and series completed this year.

Click to go to rec list on LJ

You can access basically the same information on tumblr by searching the 100k+ tag on my recs blog, swissmissficrecs.

Happy reading (and eating)!
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2014-11-07 03:00 pm
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Fic Rec Tumblr

I've started a new Tumblr for my Sherlock recs:

It's going to have the same content as my recs here, but for those of you who prefer using tumblr there you are.

I am slowly going to be copying all of my recs over there, both old and new. I'm also going to try to build up a tagging system to help people find fics. I hope this will make my recs easier to navigate.