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Finally got the official cover art for A Thousand Suns by Jim Haberkorn, after several drafts. I feel like it's still a bit too drab and staid, and doesn't project enough of the humor or action aspects of the story, but I really like the typeface and text design.

ATS cover
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As the publication date has now been set, I can finally post about this with the real title revealed. My friend Jim Haberkorn's second novel, A Thousand Suns*, is set for publication in March 2013 by Cedar Fort, Inc. It is the sequel to Einstein's Trunk, and I was his pre-submission beta reader on both of them. It's a spy/thriller/adventure novel set for the most part in Switzerland. Lots of action, humor, and shadowy secrets. And the third installment is underway!

*According to Lulu Titlescorer, the book has a 69.0% chance of becoming a bestseller. ;)
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I just got to see the mock-up of the cover for the second book by Jim Haberkorn, the RL author whose books I have helped to edit. I'm not sure if I can give the title yet, and in any case it may still change, but the working title's acronym is ATS. (His first novel, published in March 2011, is Einstein's Trunk.) I honestly wasn't that impressed with the cover; I hope they change it. But in any case, it's very exciting to see the process moving forward, and I'm really happy for Jim. I expect that it will be published later this year. And he is working on the third in the series!

ETA: Jim has told me the publication date is scheduled for March 2013. So, a while to wait yet.


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