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Now listed on Amazon for pre-ordering, with a publication date of 12 March, 2013:

A Thousand Suns by Jim Haberkorn

This is the action-packed sequel to Einstein's Trunk. Dealing with Russians, Nazis, a killer virus, Benedictine monks, rogue agents, and the still-present threat of an asteroid bearing down on the earth on top of running a cattle ranch, Rulon Hurt and Yohaba Meleksen greet all comers with wry, black humour, no-nonsense practicality, and an arsenal that's primed and ready for action.
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As the publication date has now been set, I can finally post about this with the real title revealed. My friend Jim Haberkorn's second novel, A Thousand Suns*, is set for publication in March 2013 by Cedar Fort, Inc. It is the sequel to Einstein's Trunk, and I was his pre-submission beta reader on both of them. It's a spy/thriller/adventure novel set for the most part in Switzerland. Lots of action, humor, and shadowy secrets. And the third installment is underway!

*According to Lulu Titlescorer, the book has a 69.0% chance of becoming a bestseller. ;)
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I just got to see the mock-up of the cover for the second book by Jim Haberkorn, the RL author whose books I have helped to edit. I'm not sure if I can give the title yet, and in any case it may still change, but the working title's acronym is ATS. (His first novel, published in March 2011, is Einstein's Trunk.) I honestly wasn't that impressed with the cover; I hope they change it. But in any case, it's very exciting to see the process moving forward, and I'm really happy for Jim. I expect that it will be published later this year. And he is working on the third in the series!

ETA: Jim has told me the publication date is scheduled for March 2013. So, a while to wait yet.
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I am very pleased to present the official print ad for Einstein's Trunk, provided by the author, Jim Haberkorn and reproduced here with his permission.

Order it from Amazon here!

And man, there has to be an easier way to upload and embed a pdf file! I ended up doing a screen cap and pasting this into GIMP, then saving it as a png and uploading it to my graphics host.
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Jim Haberkorn, the author of Einstein's Trunk, has started a new author's blog which promises to give some insight into the writing of this, his first novel, and getting it published.

P.S. I worked with him on editing it, and he has a sequel well underway that is just as exciting!

P.P.S. You can pre-order Einstein's Trunk now through any major online bookseller. It is being released on March 8 of this year.
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This is the review I wrote for my first book I completed for the [ profile] books1001 community. If you're interested in reading and reviewing one of the books on the list yourself, come on over. There's always room for more with 1001 books to read this year!

: Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded
Author: Samuel Richardson
First published: London, 1740
Link to text at Project Gutenberg:
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I think pretty much everyone who follows me also follows [ profile] inverarity, but I think this is a really cool idea so I'll pimp it here too.

[ profile] inverarity has started [ profile] books1001, a community challenge for readers. The idea is that the comm members will read and review all 1001 books on Peter Boxall's list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Yeah, I always quibble with which books should/shouldn't be included on those lists too, but it's just being used here as a basis for the community, so no need for a big discussion. Every participant will be randomly assigned a book from the list to read during 2011, and to review for the community.

So come on and join up, there's already quite a bunch signed up. And here's hoping I don't get something absolutely awful! (If you find you can't read your assigned book, you can ask for another.)
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So excited, a book that I helped to edit is being published in March (2011) and is now available for pre-ordering.

The book is by Jim Haberkorn and is called 'Einstein's Trunk' (which according to Lulu's Title Scorer* has a 51.4% chance of becoming a best-seller). It's a modern-day spy adventure with Serbians, secrets, and possibly the end of the world. There are car chases, hammer-throwing, word games, a femme fatale, a Jesuit priest, and, of course, the eponymous physicist, who, it turns out, knew a thing or two about billiards.

* Thanks to [ profile] inverarity for pointing out this site.
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In RL, I edited a novel for a friend of mine, and it's now been picked up by a publisher in Utah, Cedar Fort. Which is actually a bit weird, since they specialize in LDS works, and ET (as I'll call it, the initials of the working title, I'm not sure if I can reveal any more details until contracts are in place etc.) is not LDS at all. It's more like a cross between Dan Brown and John Le Carre. Anyway, we're both very excited. It's a fun story and I hope it gets a wider readership.


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