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I've added several more links for deleted fics in my master list +here.

The post is f-locked, so comment here or send me a PM if you'd like me to add you so you can see it.
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I have just updated my little (f-locked) collection of still-working links to deleted Sherlock fics [here]. I'd be interested to know if there are any other deleted fics that people are looking for, and which might still be found in some odd corner of the internet.

Edit 6 April 2015: The list has been updated with a bunch more links, some great ones in there!
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Ha ha, I love NoScript! I am setting up my new computer and decided to try out a couple of new add-ons for Firefox. NoScript is my new hero. It's even better than AdblockPlus because it stops all those annoying flash boxes from even loading in the first place. With ABP, despite having the English subscription, I still had to manually block many ads, and I noticed significant delays in loading many pages (like PerezHilton -- don't even start on me!). Now, with NoScript, it's just the opposite: I have to opt in for a script to execute (like the LiveJournal site script), and it's amazing how many other hidden scripts want to try and run! No such luck. Sure, it'll be annoying for the first few days as I have to manually allow all the basic scripts from my favorite sites, but after that I feel it will totally be worth it.
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I have wanted to be able to rearrange the open program tabs in my taskbar for the longest time. Like, I always like to have my browser all the way on the left. This means I have to remember to open the browser first, because Windows arranges the tabs in the order the programs are opened. But if the browser crashes and I have to re-open it, then it ends up to the right of everything else, and I either have to close everything and start over, or deal with the wrong order (which means I keep clicking in the wrong place to switch to different windows).

I thought there is probably a way to do it, but I just wasn't clever enough to figure it out. So finally today, frustrated by once again having my browser tab in the wrong place, I googled it, and it appears there actually is not a way to do it within Windows itself, but if you download this nifty application called Taskbar Shuffle, you can do exactly that and more.

It's super easy to install and fun to mess with!

(Credit to Online Tech Tips for directing me to the link.)
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Two cool websites for wasting time and creating graphics:

1. Create your own newspaper clippings.


2. Create your own Dummies book cover.


Hours (or at least minutes) of fun and yuks.


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