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What, you mean you thought I forgot about this exchange? Or thought it was just too big and I couldn't handle doing stats for it? Ha ha ha! I laugh in the face of your skepticism! And I have stats for you. Big stats. Important stats.

And here they are... )
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This was written for me on the [ profile] sshg_exchange and it is a winner. If you are a fan of either vampire!fic, SS/HG, creature!fic, AU, or at least are not put off by any of the same, then clear your calendar for the next hour or so and settle in for this treat. It's just shy of 30,000 words and is a real page-turner. Don't be put off by the mention of Twilight or marriage law in the prompts, neither of them come into play at all, or at least not in the literal sense. They were more of a jumping-off point for the author to let their imagination run free.

Title: Blood Sex Love Magic
Author: Temporarily Disillusioned
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none
Summary: Snape has to marry to save his life. Who can help?

Original Prompt: SwissMiss gave three great prompts and I was so inspired that I combined two of them. I was at a disadvantage in that I haven't read any Twilight books or seen the movies, but I hope I am allowed some artistic licence!

1. Marriage law twist. Snape is the one who has to get married (make up a reason why) and decides he absolutely must have Hermione. She is not entirely willing. Can be canon-compliant or AU from any point.
3. Twilight-similar scenario: Snape is a vampire, but is hiding it so that he can stay and teach at Hogwarts. When Hermione reaches the age of maturity, her scent becomes irresistible to him. How will he react?

Don't forget to review to show the author your appreciation!
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In order to get myself writing more often and regularly, I have been signing up for fests and exchanges like crazy. I'm starting to lose track, so for my own peace of mind, I need to write down what I've signed up for and when things are due.

[ profile] rarepair_shorts : 800-2000 words, deadline 17 January 2010. Assignment received, fic completed, beta read, and submitted. UPDATE: Have been asked to pinch-hit. Furiously writing, must be done by tonight. Done. Sent. Sleep.
[ profile] hp_spring_fling : Minimum length 1000 words, deadline 7 March 2010. Assignment received, fic completed, beta read, and submitted. Yes, I know I'm a month early with it. Look at what else I have lined up!! *points V*
[ profile] springtime_gen : Minimum length 1000 words, deadline 28 March 2010. Assignment received. Fic completed, beta read, and submitted.
HP_Beholder: Minimum length 1000 words, deadline 1 April 2010. Assignment received, fic completed, beta read, and submitted.
[ profile] sshg_exchange : Minimum length 1500 words, deadline 17 April 2010. Assignment received, fic completed, beta read, and submitted.
[ profile] hp_rarities : No word count given, deadline 20 April 2010. Assignment received. I admit I had to end up getting an extension on this because I took so long on the SS/HG one above. Anyway, as of 22 April, this is complete, beta read, and submitted.


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