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I just made some random Harry Potter icons for the [ profile] hp_diversity community, feel free to take any if you'd like. Please host them yourself and credit if used. Enjoy!


Lee older+ Angelina + Blaise
11 icons in here )

+ Adding 26 Sep 2013:

Mrs Zabini 2Mrs Zabini (Kat Graham)
Mrs Zabini 1Mrs Zabini (Victoria Platt)
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30 Downton Abbey icons made for the Episode Screencapture challenge on The Dark Arts. These are from episode 3.01 and as such contain spoilers for the entire episode.

Screencaps from DowntOnline. Textures by [ profile] makarosh, [ profile] ohfreckle, [ profile] butterphil, [ profile] maeappleseed, [ profile] innocent_lexys, [ profile] yunhe, [ profile] crazykira, [ profile] tomycoffee, [ profile] dustypaper, and [ profile] swissmarg.

Icon table generator by  morning_songs.

If you take any, please re-host and credit. :)



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What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning: new cover art for my Imagines Moti (Sherlock) series:

Cover for Imagines Moti by faviconmoonblossom graphics

I am flattered that the story has resounded with so many people and inspired further creativity. What a wonderful fandom!
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23 Downton Abbey icons made for the A-Z Icon Challenge on The Dark Arts. I skipped X, Y, and Z. ;)

Screencaps from DowntOnline. Textures by makarosh, dustypaper, 99 mockingbirds, and tomycoffee@dA.

Icon table generator by  morning_songs.

If you take any, please re-host and credit. :)


Thomas Edith Butler

Icons contain spoilers for all of series 1-3 )
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Series 3 of Downton Abbey is starting this Sunday, 16 September 2012 on ITV, so I made some icons. :D

The promotional images are all from ITV directly or via DowntOnline. The textures are by [ profile] makarosh, [ profile] crazy_kira, [ profile] inxsomniax, [ profile] joel_le, [ profile] erniemay, [ profile] dustypaper, solstice_fairy@dA, and 99mockingbirds. Icon table generator by  [ profile] morning_songs.

If you take any, please re-host and credit where used.

May contain small spoilers for Series 3... )
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Once again, so so excited that an artist has seen fit to create fanart for my Imagines Moti series, in the form of an amazing cover for each story. The artist has given me permission to post the covers below the cut, but you can also see them on xistentialangst's tumblr:

Cover for The Best Picture of the Human Soul
Cover for Sustained by the Strength of the Colours to Come

While you're there, have a look at the other Johnlock book covers they've done. So gorgeous!

See the covers... )
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Erin has outdone herself and created this completely brilliant fanart based on my fic Sustained by the Strength of the Colours to Come. I just can't even explain how deeply touched I am to see scenes that I wrote expressed visually by such a talented artist. Thank you, Erin.

P.S. The art contains spoilers for the fic, so I recommend reading the fic first. ;)
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I'm about dying here. Someone made fanart for The Best Picture of the Human Soul.

Look at this. Seriously, LOOK AT IT!!! This picture is so much perfection. The artist is erin and she has lots more beautiful, beautiful art on her blog, so please go squee her and enjoy.

So flattered!
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Two graphics I made for the Hard Cut challenge at The Dark Arts. Actually, the first one was a mistake because I made it before I realized we had to have a blank background. :p So then I made the second one, which I like because it looks like a book cover. :)

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Six Sherlock episode title text icons

If anyone wants one, let me know and I will cut it for you. I think they only really work as a set, though.

Created with GIMP
Textures by [ profile] joel_le, [ profile] innocent_lexys, [ profile] crazykira
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I made another Sherlock icon set. Actually, this was just supposed to be an example for a Member Artist challenge I submitted at The Dark Arts (make 6 different icons from the same cut). So I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it. Anyway.

textures by:
(1) hicchan@dA
(2) me
(3) [ profile] makarosh
(4) [ profile] oum_boojae
(5) [ profile] crazykira
(6) me
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Felt like making some icons...

Screencaps from [ profile] pineapple_sky at [ profile] enchantedfleur. Textures by [ profile] crazykira and [ profile] innocent_lexys

Please do not cut. Thanks.
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It's almost like this was made for me, since it was based on a prompt that I submitted to the [ profile] dudley_redeemed Fest. I just really like the execution of this, with the soft colors and watercolor feel. Dudley's expression is so caring. And look at the image placement and lines of focus, with the angle of Dudley's head and even his foot, and the motorcycle tire pointing toward Hedwig, whose whiteness represents all that is good and pure. It's like that is spreading to Dudley as well, as you can see his face lit up, and they are both sharing energy with each other. He is healing her, and she him.

Title: You're alive, pretty bird
Prompt: #8 Dudley finds the crashed motorbike sidecar that Harry had been in. Hedwig's cage is still there, but the bird was not killed, only knocked unconscious (say the Killing Curse hit a bar of the cage rather than Hedwig). Dudley nurses Hedwig back to health.
Pairing, or gen: gen
Rating: G
Warning(s): none
Medium: pencil, ink, photoshop
Summary: Hedwig is badly hurt, but Dudley finds her before it's too late
Author's or Artist's notes: Making this drawing healed a hole in my heart I've carried since Book 7.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them.
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I made some Bill Weasley icons for the [ profile] bill_ficathon:

Please do not cut and use as your own. The [ profile] bill_ficathon mods may make them available as the fest approaches, but that's up to them. :)

6 DH icons

Aug. 2nd, 2011 10:27 pm
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Please do not take without permission.

Textures by innocentLexys, [ profile] forallseasons , [ profile] bitter_endings , insomniax, My Sunday Warning
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I just wanted to put in a pimp for [ profile] hp_fringeart, a Harry Potter fanart community. The quality of the work there is generally very high, and most of it is rated PG-13 or less, with a good portion rated G.

This is the most recent posting, and the one that inspired me to rec:

Artist: [ profile] akatnamedeaster
Titles: Time for Tea
Characters: Severus Snape
Rating: G
Media used: Colored pencil and acrylic on wood
Concrit?: yes
Warnings: none
Notes/comments: I found this decrepit cutting board while out thrifting yesterday and thought it needed Snape having a big ol' cuppa on it. Forgive the not so fantastic photos, the art is too big for the scanner.

Yes, a cutting board. It's worth it.
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Made some Glee icons from the Super Bowl episode (2x11), specifically from the Thriller sequence.

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Title: Division Bell
Artist: [ profile] niccc (posted for [ profile] regulus_fest)
Prompt: #6 - Regulus was always ready to follow Sirius everywhere. Until the day that Sirius betrayed his family, that is.
Pairing/Characters: Regulus, Sirius
Rating G
Warnings: none
Summary: Regulus was always ready to follow Sirius everywhere. Until the day that Sirius betrayed his family, that is.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Medium: newspaper, soft pastel and watercolours on cardboard.

I always like the 3-dimensional art created for these fests the best. Sure, there are also amazing fics, and professional-quality art. But it's always that something a bit different, whether it be Severus and Hermione made out of buttercream frosting, or felt Sirius and Remus Christmas tree ornaments, that grab my attention and make me admire fandom creativity. This is one of those. In this case, though, the art goes beyond fandom for me and tells a real and relevant story. I'm not that into Regulus or Sirius, and you don't have to be to appreciate this piece. It just really impressed me and I wanted to share.
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Title: Fred Weasley (almost) Displaying the Goods
Artist[ profile] swissmarg 
Rating: R
Medium: GIMP, mouse
Notes: So, this is my second one of these for [ profile] the_playwitch. The reference image I used is here (warning! Page is rated NC-17), combined with the face of one of the Phelps twins. I know the background kind of sucks, but I didn't have the patience to do anything more with it. :p And anyway, who's going to look at the background when you've got Fred in red pants!

Link to Playwitch entry


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